New York Study Trip – Part 3

Continuing our review of the New York study trip………

Thursday, 11th October

After our meeting with Preston Bailey we headed out to see Dan Fehlig from the Upper Crust & 91 Event Space.

We actually ended up talking lighting & design more then food! The location is not only where the kitchens are, it is also a boutique venue that can be hired for weddings and events. Dan kindly showed us how he goes through the process of designing the event from the consultation stage to the day itself. Lighting & production plays a big part in the events held at 91 Event Space, with the brick arches, white walls and white oak floors it enables numerous designs to work within the space.

We were all astounded at how reasonably priced the lighting & production prices are compared to the UK.  I kinda wish I could organize a boutique wedding there – any takers?

Look at their website for some fabulous before & after shots .

After a quick but LATE lunch Kelly and I popped over to the Plaza Hotel to take a look at their ballroom  , our fellow members had an official visit on the Tuesday which we had missed so we decided to conduct an unofficial visit instead! After navigating our way to the ballroom we were delighted with the opulence of the Plaza, on our way out we managed to resist the gorgeous temptation in their food hall.

Friday, 12th October

Our only official meeting of the day was with Christian Oth Photography, we had a wonderful chance to view photography trends and had an insight into how Christian and his team work.

There was a team of designers working hard on compiling the albums so we tried hard not to disturb them. After a look at his studio space we delighted in reversing the tables and took some pictures of Christian after handing him our small thank you gift. 

I then managed to get a few hours in of shopping for gifts for the family before  embarking on a twilight cruise with Andri Benson & Helen Carter. Seeing New York as the sun was going down was beautiful.

Later that night we all went out for cocktails and dinner at the Mondrian Soho hotel where we people watched the New York glamorous clientele.

Photo Credit

91 Event Space & Andri Benson

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  2. Helen on 21st November 2012 at 3:27 pm

    So much fun and an amazing learning experience. We definitely picked the right night for our cruise – such a gorgeous sunset, even though it was a bit on the windy side…

    Great to spend time with you, Sandy and Kelly and of course our other lovely UKAWP members. Where shall we go next time…?!!

    Much love,

    H xx

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