New York Study Trip – Part 4

This is my final report of the UKAWP study trip to New York… (pt 1) & (pt2) & (pt3)

Saturday 13th October

This was our last day so the primarily focus was sightseeing & yes more shopping – I wont bore you with the details but I did manage a visit to ground zero (oh my gosh so emotional), a horse & carriage ride round central park and a visit to the empire state building (cannot believe how long this took) before falling to my knees inside Banana Republic!

Kelly and I got the first flight out on Sunday morning with less talking this time, I was back home around 9pm enabling me to say happy birthday to my Son on the Monday morning – now that’s what I call perfect planning!


I had a wonderful time with my fellow planners whom I consider good friends, I’m glad I managed to do some sightseeing this time and even more glad I found Banana Republic at 5pm on the Saturday – better late then never.

But I am especially thankful for the wonderful U.S suppliers we met who were generous with their time and knowledge. I hope they all stay in touch.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the trip, lots of love as always

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