Pet Hates of an Event Planner

In life we all have pet hates, how many times have we all screamed at our boyfriends/husbands ‘put the toilet seat down’ and being an event planner it dawned on me I perhaps have more pet hates that most. So just what is it that makes me cringe in the peak summer months?

1.Seeing table legs – yes I know such a small thing and I’m assuming most guests or brides wouldn’t notice, but I do. Please have round cloths on round tables. 108″ cloth for a 3ft cake table will go to the floor with enough material to ruche under the table, a 120″ cloth is perfect for a 5ft or 5ft 5″ table.

2.Symetrical – when I’m hired as a planner it is my job to be picky with everything I do so when I set the tables out on the day I ensure napkins are folded the same, place cards are positioned correctly and favours are facing the same direction.  Is this petty? YES.  Does it make a difference to end photos – YES!

3.Toilets – if you have to hire in mobile toilets make sure you ask for pictures of the interior and compare to other companies, this applies even if the marquee company is supplying for you. Never assume they will be to your liking.

4.Rude Suppliers – yes we are all stressed in the summer but that doesn’t mean you should be rude to me, I’m like an elephant, I never forget. If we are working together on a client event it is in our interest to work together as a team, it shouldn’t be a them and us situation. And if you want me to work with you and I say you are not suitable for my events, I’m being honest. Would you rather I lie? And if I try to give advice listen, I’ve been doing this job for nearly 9 years so my advice should be useful.

5.Rude Competitors – I just don’t get it, I’m on very good terms with planners in the UKAWP but also those not members. Why be rude? It’s unnecessary.

Ok but what do I love? Suppliers working together both before the event and on the day itself, working as a team, solving any dilemmas that occur without bothering the client. I love waiting staff who are efficient and friendly. I love bands who are obliging without any tantrums. When we all work together the days flows as perfectly as it should do.

What are your pet hates?

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