Photo Shoot with Dominique (Stylish Events)

At the start of April I had the joy of a photo shoot with Dominique for our “Wedding Planning for Dummies” Co-Authors press portrait. Dominique has a lovely bright and airy apartment in London so it was decided this was the best location. As well as our joint photos we had some individually and Dominique had team ones for Stylish Events. To really make it as girly day I decided to bring my daughter along as the train ride alone would make her giddy with excitement.

Despite rushing into Dominique’s apartment rather frustrated with my run in with the London taxis in canary wharf, (frankly they seem a different breed to other taxis across London, sad to say my usual respect for cabbies dipped dramatically that day). Anyway as soon as I arrived I was rushed into hair and makeup with Janice Tee, what a lovely lady she was. Whilst I was being primped, Becca and the interns from Stylish Events entertained Lena. She watched DVD’s, played with Dominique costume jewelry, stroked the dogs, ate the gorgeous homemade sausage rolls and eventually begged Becca to paint her nails a sparkly pink. She also tottered around in my shoes, she seems to love my coral heels.

Whilst Dominique and I had our photos Lena was in hair & makeup (well ok her hair was plaited) before we had Mummy/daughter photos. I’m very thankful for Adrian Neals instructions on the day,  “head up -head down, lean closer – no closer still, twist your arm and lean forward, yes I know its awkward but the position is perfect.” He was a lot of fun and both Dominique and I were very thankful.

Once lights, camera, action was finished we had a lovely lunch cooked by Dominique’s husband who is incredibly talented in the kitchen.

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Janice Tee –

Adrian Neal – Studio Without Walls

Stylish Events – for the use of their home, interns, husbands cooking, dogs and Becca

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