Planning the perfect garden party

Throw an amazing garden party.

One of the joys of summer is the opportunity it brings to throw a party at home. Whether a simple BBQ or elaborate celebration complete with marquee, you’ll want it to be one to remember.

Do you have enough seating?

Even a casual BBQ needs seating for your guests to relax in. You need to think about what furniture is needed both for eating and relaxing. If you don’t have enough of your own you can hire some in easily.  If you’re in Essex try Alfresco Hire.

Planning the perfect garden party | Dream Occasions


Lighting/Bugs Away

Hang some fairy lights or festoon lighting in the trees and line pathways with lanterns. Don’t forget some citronella candles or bamboo flares to keep the bugs away.


Food to tempt the taste buds

If you don’t want to act as chef and waitress at your own party then consider hiring the experts. For my garden events we tend to stick to either BBQ’s, bowl food with tantalizing dishes or food stations elaborately designed.


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Just because your party is in July doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be warm. Ensure you have contingencies in place for bad weather. Think about where guests will actually be walking.

  • From their car to the party location
  • Walkway to marquees or toilets
  • Shelter during the party if it’s all outside

You might need to have some gazebos ready to put up if the weather forecast isn’t good. If your numbers are high, you might consider hiring a marquee.





Ensure the neighbours are aware of the party and anticipated noise. If they’re not invited then why not pay for a night away for them? That way you should reduce any requests for music to be turned down, well worth the £100-200 it will cost you.



Seriously think about having a planner to assist with the planning or at least project manage the party for you. Venues have banqueting managers to deal with problems but you’ll have no-one. A planner can decorate the venue, take delivery of goods plus manage the day itself so if any challenges occur they are dealt with in a professional manner leaving you to relax and party.

Alli and Dan's wedding in Stisted, Essex, UK All rights reserved (c) Will Strange



If you don’t have any live music then get some good speakers to hook your iPhone or iPod up to. Make a playlist of around 5 hours, start with easy listening classics and end with more rock or funk music to dance to.


A practical tip I have is to make up a cleaning basket ready for spills or messes. Give to your planner or caterer so they are prepared for any accidents that occur. Think about having some cleaners the morning after to assist with the inevitable mess.



You can look at previous parties we have organised by visiting our party gallery, if you are interested in hiring us for your celebration please do get in touch.

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