Predicted Trend: Hot Drink Stations

Just before Christmas I was invited on air again with Etholle George to discuss Christmas entertaining. As always I research the internet to discuss new hot trends with BBC Essex listeners. It was during this research I came across a U.S blog I have fallen deeply in love with, Hostess with the Mostess . I could spend hours looking at this blog for unique and vibrant ideas, the blog is run by Jenn  who is able to put her past skills as a graphic designer to good use when designing events. I love the fact you can browse different themes or holiday seasons for parties. And do check out her templates , this is such an easy way to bring an individual design to your event and what a great way to save money by making some items yourself! When planning a Tim Burton wedding last July I used a simple template to create the menus, order of service, banners and place cards – the end result was stunning and it cost us peanuts.


The one feature I loved on this blog when preparing for the winter radio show was the ‘Hot Drink Station’, I promised listeners I would post instructions on my blog so sorry it’s taken me a few weeks to do it! Most weddings have some form of candy or dessert tables now but how great to expand on this to create a hot drink station. And no I don’t mean just put an urn of water down with tea cups and leave it at that! The pictures of the hot drink stations below were designed by Rebecca at This Nest is Best who used the templates from HWTM Blog. Like with the candy or dessert stations you should use colours that incorporate the theme and think about how display in each item, increasing height where appropriate. So if you were going to recreate something similar for a party or wedding you are organising, here are the key items I think you need.

o Dress the table with coloured linen to ensure it stands out, or buy some fabric from long enough that it hangs to the floor. This way you don’t need to worry about hot chocolate stains on white linen!
o Hire a couple of tiered cake stands and use to display items like choc chips, mini cookies or marshmallows.
o Have a small tumbler or container with chocolate spirals

o Buy some shakers and have loose powder of cinnamon and coco
o Include a couple of liquors for those guests that like their coffee with a ‘kick’. Think baileys………
o Have a thermos with warm cream and have a bowl of whipped cream for guests who like a bit of indulgence with their coffee or hot chocolate
o Display teacups with little printable messages using templates from HWTM
o Have an urn of hot water then display some coffee & teabags in clear jars again using little tags to add some design to them.


 If you were organising a drink station, what would you include?

Credits: Mark Bothwell, HWTM, The Nest is Best

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