Proposal ideas

I originally posted this in February 2009 but still think the ideas are relevant for those proposing in 2010.

Remember the key to a perfect proposal is preparation so plan ahead!

So if you are thinking about proposing how can you do so in a memorable way? When my husband proposed nearly 10 years ago he wanted to propose on the beach in Cyprus but somehow that never happened and instead it was at home in the kitchen! Assuming you want to make more of an impression I have put together some ideas to show your loved one how creative you can be.

  1. Arrange a photo shoot with a photographer, have some natural shots to emphasise why your man loves you, perhaps in locations that have meaning to you both? You could either have them enlarged or combine some shots in a small album, the last shot could be of you holding a sign say ‘Will you marry me?’.
  2. I loved this idea from your partner over to your place. And just before he/she is about to come, write the words “I Love You or Will You Marry Me” on the lawns of your house with flower petals. He/she is going to love it.
  3. Arrange a treasure hunt, start by sending a clue to their work with a red rose or put the clue in a box filled with fresh petals, this would lead to various locations each time with a clue and roses/petals. This could end at your home with petals leading to your location or perhaps your favourite restaurant?
  4. Ask a baker to bake a cake and place an engagement ring inside for them to discover, perhaps in a small bag with a proposal note inside?
  5. Of course if you an imaginative and dedicated person you can create an elaborate ruse like this man did when proposing to his fiancé. Or if you think you are the knight in shining armour then how about !
  6. Alternatively why not hire a local videographer and create your own mini-film and upload onto yourtube? Email her the link and wait and see what her response is.

Have fun, once she/he says yes why not visit our website to see how we could help you create the perfect wedding.

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