Service Explanation: The Handover

Continuing my explanation on the services that I provide for clients I’d now like to talk a little about my partial service called The Handover.

This service is perfect for couples who have planned their own wedding day but want reassurance there are no errors in the organisation they have undertaken. In the past I have been hired due to increased pressures at my clients work or in particular for clients organising a marquee event.

The Handover service starts 2 months prior to the wedding and allows couples to enjoy the final weeks instead of being incredibly stressed and overtired

Let me explain how this service works….

Lets Have A Chat

The process starts with a complimentary consultation at a place & time convenient to you; this allows us to get to know each other. Or if you are oversees we can conduct the meeting via Skype, not as good as meeting in person, but the next best thing.

The consultation is two fold, we want to understand more about you as a couple and what visions you have for the wedding but at the same time you need to learn about us and how we work.

I also have to check that The Handover is the most appropriate service for you and whether I feel any additional support is needed.

How Do We Charge


We charge £1,301,600 to include all elements (as listed in what’s included…). At times clients request we provide additional services to the package, in the past this has included:

  • Design Consultancy
  • Pre wedding set up/marquee supervision
  • Additional hours attendance on the day
  • Increased time to work on the wedding, i.e 12 weeks before

What’s included within this service?

About 2 months before the wedding we have a detailed meeting where we discuss your plans so far and provide a wedding analysis.


  • Wedding analysis with full details on what we will organise prior to the wedding
  • Written confirmation to all suppliers detailing directions and specific instructions
  • Recommendations on up to 3 suppliers not booked
  • Unlimited email support for all the wedding party
  • 3 hours general administration from typing to booking hotels
  • Production of the wedding day schedule
  • Attendance for 9 Hours on the wedding day
  • Full use of the wedding planners emergency kit

 “Thank you for pulling out all the stops for our wedding. I am so grateful! I honestly believe it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as magical and perfect as it was without you!”

Signing On The Dotted Line

Once you have decided to book Dream Occasion, I will send you a deposit invoice and our terms and conditions for you to read and sign. Once I receive this back I confirm your wedding in the diary and commence work 8 weeks before.

Advice And Mediation

Throughout the planning process we give you guidance on etiquette, what is/isn’t appropriate for your wedding. We help choose your readings, music and hymns. At times we might act as a mediator if conflicts in the family occur. Sometimes the bride and groom ask us to source a special surprise gift for each other for the morning of the wedding.

“What can we say – thank you so much for all your help with our wedding planning throughout, for taking our fabulous ideas, scrapbook pictures and rainbow colours & helping turn them into a day that felt elegant & special – and still very us. We really loved our wedding day & thanks for all your huge contributions.” Ali & Dan (The Handover + Design + week of wedding supervision)

Ding, Dong The Bells Are Ringing

On the day itself we will be working alongside your suppliers ensuring all your plans are carried out perfectly. We supervise the ceremony and act as master of ceremonies if required (minus the red jacket!). We always blend into the background to keep the schedule on track without causing a fuss. We promise no headsets or bum bags on the day!


Post Wedding

I collate all outstanding invoices and send them ready for your return from honeymoon. I send thank you letters to all suppliers involved (even though you may send your own personal thanks as well). Finally I send a post wedding report to you just updating you on any issue that is important for you to know about the wedding day itself.

So if you think you might need some help with your wedding planning I’d love to hear from you, give me a call on 01376 5691 544

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Photo Credit: Mark Bothwell & Mydas Photography


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