Speech Guidelines

Now that it is approaching all the summer weddings my male clients are asking for help with their speeches. I therefore thought a quick series on speech guidelines would be helpful to all those grooms, best men and of course fathers who have yet to write theirs out. Of course if you are really struggling you could try a service like ‘Great Speech Writing’ to write it for you!

Best Man


Thank the bride and groom for their gifts and compliments to ‘the team’ of bridesmaids & ushers etc.

Read any telegrams and other messages from invited guests unable to attend the wedding.

Make a point of addressing the couple, and especially of talking to and about the bride, mention how lucky groom is to marry her etc.

Say how you were honored to be best men.


Tell some behind-the-scenes stories about preparing for the wedding – especially any amusing incidents, narrowly averted disasters etc.

Your material should be funny without being nasty, risqué without being offensive. Props are often used with stories – or hints from the stag night.

Tell guests how bride & groom met.

Level the mockery with some sincerity. Talk about how you met the groom, how you came to be best mates, how much you really think of him, your perspective on the relationship between bride & groom, your best wishes for their future together etc.


Inform guests of the evening schedule, i.e. music will start at 8p.m buffet will be at 10p.m, if there have been any instructions from the wedding breakfast venue i.e. please vacate room so it can be set up for the evening.

Conclude with a toast to the bride and groom.

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