Speech Guidelines

Now that it is approaching all the summer weddings my male clients are asking for help with their speeches. I therefore thought a quick series on speech guidelines would be helpful to all those grooms, best men and of course fathers who have yet to write theirs out. Of course if you are really struggling you could try a service like ‘Great Speech Writing’ to write it for you!



Thank brides father for his kind words & toast, could add proud to be his son-in-law etc. Maybe mention how her family have taken you in like a son.

Reiterate how you are enjoying the day so far – so nice to have all your friends and family in one room together.

Thank brides parents for bringing her up so well.

Thank the guests for coming, their good wishes & gifts

Thank the best men, ushers & bridesmaids


Mention how you met bride, first impressions, who made first move etc

Say to bride (you could say “my wife”) how lovely she looks, how you are fortunate to be marrying her, looking forward to the future as husband and wife etc.


Few words about best man and why you choose him

Hand out gifts to relevant people.

Toast the bridesmaids – could say “before I hand you over to the best man I would like to do toast the bridesmaids.”

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