Surviving the heatwave

Over the last few years I have given lots of advice on contingency plans for bad weather so it seems appropriate that in our current heatwave I should give similar advice for surviving the heat. Below are my top tips for ensuring neither you nor your guests ‘melt’.

Wedding Ice cream trike

Wedding Ice cream trike


  1. Before the ceremony starts have ushers serve jugs of iced water or lemonade to cool guests down. Please note this has to take place outside the church/registered room as no beverages are allowed inside the room.
  2. Organise fans for the female guests, the ushers could hand them out of place on alternate chairs ready for when guests take their seats.
  3. Make sure there is ventillation in the ceremony location with windows open or hire in a small air conditioner unit.
  4. Buy a small water spray to spray yourself before walking down the aisle
  5. Make sure YOU have some water before entering the church/ceremony location. A bride collapsing from dehydration would not be good !
Wedding fans

Wedding fans

Drink Reception

  1. When deciding what drink to have for the drink reception there is a tendancy to over order on champagne and under order on soft drink. In this heat you need to make sure there is enough soft drink available. Try iced water, elderflower, lemonade or apple juice
  2. Why not hire a wedding ice cream trike to cool guests down
  3. Make sure there is enough shaded areas for guests and musicians.
  4. Have a small basket of suncream to prevent any guests getting sunburnt.
Shaded Musicians

Shaded Musicians

The wedding breakfast

  1. At the dinner table invite gentlemen to remove their ties and dinner jackets
  2. Make sure the room is well ventillated
  3. Have a least 2 bottles of still & sparkling water on each table
  4. Consider having a cold starter rather then hot
  5. Consider having some salads to serve alongside the meal


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Harvey Collard , Carmel Jane, Kerry Morgan

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  2. Lucy Roebuck on 3rd July 2009 at 11:31 am

    What superb ideas for a heatwave! I’m bookmarking this page. Thank you Bernadette.

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