The Brides Speech

Traditionally the 3 speeches that happen in a wedding are the Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man. However with many brides being independent and quite rightly, having an opinion and voice of their own, they are deciding to join in the fun and say a few words as well.  The bride has the advantage of not needing to follow tradition (compared to the 3 traditional speeches) thus there will be no expectations or assumptions on what you will speak about.

The beauty of the brides speech is she will remember to thank all the special people, I’ve lost count of the number of times Lisa (my assistant) and I are waiting in the wings to hand over the Mothers thank you bouquets only for the groom to get nervous and miss half the thank yous! I can guarantee a bride wont forget  😉


What order

The bride will usually speak just before or after the groom.

Proper Preparation

Plan what you want to say in advance and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Keep it short and to the point, don’t waffle, say what you want to say concisely and clearly.

What to say 

  • Give a special thank you to those that have been important and supported you in the planning of the wedding, like your Mum and bridesmaids
  • Thank anyone who has not already been thanked by other speakers or may not be mentioned by them (esp. if the groom forgot)
  • Keep it personal, everyone wants to know about how you and your groom met, how the relationship developed. Especially any funny encounters when you were dating or perhaps a story of the proposal
  • Say something personal to the groom, why is he so important, why do you love him

Calm and collected

Half the reason for practicing your speech is so you can concentrate on the delivery and clarity. Reading notes that are on the table in front of you will make it difficult to project your voice and you will look uncertain of what you want to say. Remember to smile (you’re looking beautiful after all), make eye contact with your guests plus relevant guests as you speak about them, i.e when thanking your Mum turn and look at her.

Remember don’t slouch, stand tall and confident (even if that’s not how you’re feeling)


Photo Credit: Kerry Morgan,  Blue Sky Photography


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