The Psyche of a wedding planner

How long have you been in business?
Since the end of 2002. I launched not really knowing what I was doing, learning on the job. Thank god the industry is different now with so many courses available for people wanting to become wedding planners.

If you weren’t an event planner what would you be doing?
That’s a difficult one, as a little girl I wanted to be an air hostess ( I joke that little girls now dream of becoming a wedding planner so perhaps I do have the perfect job?). I love organising people, I love researching yes I do like being the ‘boss’ so possibly I would be a celebrity PA or running a lifestyle/concierge business?

Have you ever had a bridezilla? Are you afraid you might get one?
I originally saw this question on the fabulous blog of fabulexe and not only did the question appeal to me but her answer did as well. So have I had a bridezilla, yes I’ve had a few and in fact it seems to be more each year so possibly a sign of the industry as a whole? No I’m not afraid of one, like Terrica I have 2 loud, boisterous boys aged 6 ½ and 4, if I can keep them in order a bride is a piece of cake! Seriously though, I always ask my brides to trust me, I appreciate its stressful for brides especially when there are family confrontations so I remain calm, don’t take it personally and resolve their worries whenever I can. And if I can’t, well then I just tell them to calm down and their request is impossible!

What’s your perfect wedding?
I have to admit I love the countryside especially Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. I love marquees, many of my colleagues think I’m mad as they can be a logistical nightmare but I think marquees can be stunning. I love the blank canvas, I love being in control and not dealing with difficult venues. I also adore rustic barns, you getting the theme? Yes I love flowers, bunting, candles, teacups, pearls and frankly all things pretty!

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