Thinking of proposing to your girlfriend?

I’m hoping to instil some advice into anyone thinking of proposing, assisting potential grooms in creating a memorable marriage proposal by giving them some vital tips for success. Firstly, and very importantly “A successful marriage proposal is not about how much you spend but rather how much thought has gone into the proposal.” If you take nothing else on board please do remember this.


One of the first questions I ask prospective wedding clients is when, where and how they got engaged. A bride will be asked those same questions again and again both before and after the wedding and quite literally for the rest of her life. Thus there is a certain amount of pressure to get it right. Yikes!

If you are thinking about proposing how can you do so in a memorable way ? Be imaginative when proposing,  show your lover how creative you can be.

My first piece of advice is only propose if you think she is going to say yes, if you have approached the subject of marriage before and she changes the subject theres a chance she doesn’t want to make that commitment (yet).

Have the ring

Don’t propose without it as a girl won’t feel engaged unless that ring is on her finger. If you are planning on popping the question on Valentines Day but have yet to buy the ring, here are our top tips:

Before you even set foot in a jewellery shop you need to have an idea of what metal she likes, does she prefer gold, white gold or platinum? Most girls have a preference and will only wear one type of metal so make sure you know what that is! Once you know the metal type you need to know what gemstone, does she like one big showy diamond or a cluster of smaller ones? Perhaps she doesn’t want a diamond at all and prefers a different gemstone like sapphires? When choosing the stone thinking about how it is set in the ring and how this fits with your girlfriends life, i.e family, her job etc.

Next comes the design, does she like vintage, gothic, contemporary jewellery? What does she normally wear? When looking at friends engagement rings take note of her opinion, trust me every girl has an opinion on another girl’s engagement ring. Likewise if there is a celebrity engagement in the news listen to her view on the ring, this will help immensely when choosing the design. And finally prior to purchasing see if she has any other rings she wears to gage the size. You can also read this guide from diamond experts Vashi.


You wouldn’t dream of doing a company presentation without preparing beforehand so give the same preparation for the proposal. Create a plan that includes how you will propose, where you will proposal, the time and even what you will wear. Not forgetting the actually delivery of ‘will you marry me?’ Don’t forget to cost out all the elements/people involved in the proposal.

Her Likes 

Remember you are trying to evoke a beautiful memory for years to come of the proposal so make sure you know what she likes. Listen to her; has she ever mentioned a place she would like to go? Maybe there is a place you go as a couple, the beach, woods, restaurant – is this a suitable setting for the proposal.


Will she be happy with a public proposal with friends and family or do you think she is more private, it’s important to ensure she is within her comfort zone. Don’t just arrange a flash mob proposal because it’s all the rage, remember to think about your girlfriend/boyfriend, is it what they would want? Who should be the centre of attention you or the person you’re proposing to?


Is she traditional? If so she will probably want you to ask her fathers permission to marry her first. Do this in person if possible and of course assuming he says yes, brief him on when you hope to propose and ask him to keep it confidential for now.


Think about asking a videographer or photographer to record the moment, especially her surprise and hopefully a delighted YES! Or if budget is tight ask a trusted friend or family member to record the moment for you ensuring they are sworn to secrecy.


Don’t just book a restaurant and pop the question, put some thought into the process and personalise. Think about why you want to marry her, what makes her special? If you can show you truly know her and have listened to what she likes/dislikes she will love you all over again.

The little touches 

Remember a girl loves the little touches so if you are unsure how to make the proposal individual speak to a trusted female friend for her opinion.

Best of luck and if once engaged you need a bit of help organising the wedding give me a call!

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