Top Tips: Marquee Events

Are you one of the fortunate people to have an event at home or at least in the grounds of someone that cares about you? If so this new series is for you. Over the last 7 years I have organised many marquee events and have become known as an expert amongst planners and clients alike. Personally I love them, yes its HARD work but the results are worth it. So every Monday I will be passing on some of my top tips.

WEATHER – I’m assuming you will want the drink reception in the garden grounds but what if it rains? Think about a contingency plan whether you hire an additional small tent or hold the reception in the marquee on the dance floor if uncovered. If space and budget is not an issue then you can have a special lounge area in the marquee with a partition to the wedding breakfast, this is then unveiled at the special moment.lisa-and-umbrellas1If you need help with your marquee event then visit our website for details on the services we offer.Photo credit: Harvey Collard

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