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Last night I saw one of my couples that were married in June for a post wedding handover. They gave me the most amazing thank you card which I have retyped for you below, it bought tears to my eyes. I was also speechless when they gave me a Lavenham Jackets bag (for my client meetings) and 2 padded jackets all with the liberty print used in their wedding. I almost want the temperature to drop so I can wear the jackets! Knowing you have made someones dream come true for their wedding makes all the hard work and long hours worth it.

I will bring you a report of their wedding very soon but you can also read it over on English Wedding blog.



Where do we start from our very first meeting and you telling me “ssssh”, we knew a healthy working relationship and friendship would blossom. You made the past year painless for Nicky, enjoyable for me, involving us in only in relevant pieces and still making us feel a big part of it. The balance of running the entire planning with a blank canvas and yet still capturing what you thought was mixed up inside our heads, in conjunction with learning about us as a couple and individual personalities to come up with an overall vision was just AMAZING.

The venue was a special place, but you transformed it into something else. I have never seen attention to detail like it and neither had any of our guests. From the placing of cushions, chairs, table menus and their immaculate spacing between table settings to organising suppliers and setting everything up in all the right places to capture the theme. The day was perfect; your ability to put all the pieces together and get them to seamlessly interact made the day flow with ease. Nicky and I didn’t have to worry about anything except each other and enjoying ourselves. You truly have a great team of people to work with, everybody was best in class. James did a wonderful job, we were speechless at the wonderful wedding flowers due to Beverly and the cake was a master piece, and Lisa is a great assistant.

We owe our perfect day to you, thanks for all your hard work, planning and caring that you would create the day of our dreams. Now I get why you’re called Dream Occasions. We hope to work together again in the future.


Lots of Love


Nicky & Natalie (16th June 2012)


Photo Credit: Mark Bothwell

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