Weather contingencies

As a wedding planner I pride myself on ensuring your wedding runs like clockwork but there is one element I have been unable to control as of yet, the weather. I therefore have some top tips to help ensure you and I are prepared for every eventuality.

The meltdown

Many brides make the mistake of ordering too much champagne and not enough soft drinks for the welcome drink. I have dashed out to buy juice on many occasions so ensure your guests are suitably ‘watered’I always have some sun cream with me but ensure you are protected; a red, sore bride is not desirable especially when you look back in photos.Provide some shelter for your guests; it is unreasonable to expect them to stand in strong sunshine. You can lay some tables under some trees or provide a simple awning.

The big chill

Wear some boots from the car to the church/venue and then change into your wedding shoes. No point spending money on beautiful shoes if you ruin them in the snow.Check your venue has sufficient heating; many barns do not provide this in their costing so you may want to think about hiring some portable heaters.Serve some warm drink, either mulled wine or mugs of hot chocolate. Sure the later will be appreciated by young and old, maybe serve with some marshmallows?

The big splash

If you would rather not ruin your dress on the mud whilst photos are being taken, I suggest an old piece of netting or white sheet to stand.Rest assured I will come armed with at least 4 white wedding umbrellas should the heavens suddenly open. This will be very handy when dashing from the car to the church or even whilst waiting for photographs. I also suggest that the ushers bring some umbrellas for guests.If you are having a reception in a field and the ground is very sodden why not order some lovely white wellies?The rain is likely to splash the wedding dress so have some baby wipes at the ready.

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