Wedding Planner Rescue

In my 10 years as a planner there are many times whereby I have to ‘fix an emergency’ (sometimes) without the bride & groom or guests knowing. In a new series I am sharing some of those circumstances with you in short snippets once a month.

Back in 2006 one of my brides was using a family friend for the flowers. I received a call from one of the bridesmaids to tell me they were missing a bridesmaid bouquet, so I quickly gathered some flowers from the table decorations to recreate the missing bouquet. Not quite as good as the professional ones but it looked pretty good. Main difference was the florist bouquet used peonies which were tight buds whereas the peonies I used were more in bloom. Can you spot which one it is from picture below?

I could now recreate a far more professional bouquet due to the workshops I have attended via the UKAWP  😉

Tip: Always reconfirm numbers in writing and check quantity of displays or bouquets before the florist departs!

Photo Credit: Lloyd Dobbie & PK Photo

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