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I am delighted to let you into a little secret, 2013 was an incredibly busy year with lots of parties and weddings. My season started in April and didn’t finish till 23 December. Only 2 weddings were held at venues, the rest were marquees and tipis thus many hours spent on the logistics of planning outdoor events including various site visits in my wellies!

Throughout this time I was also busy with my work as director for the UKAWP, and of course being a wife and mum.

But this clearly wasn’t enough as in the spring last year I signed a contract with the UK publisher for “Wedding Planning for Dummies”. Writing a book has been on my wish list for many years so I was delighted at being given the opportunity to do so.

The book was co-written with Dominique Douglas, a fellow wedding planner from Stylish Events and a Regional Ambassador for the UKAWP. To fit the book into my already busy schedule I spent many nights writing into the early hours. Dominique and I are proud of the end result and sincerely hope this will assist many bride and grooms with organising their weddings. We have both been wedding planners since 2003 so were able to bring to the book 10+ years of solid wedding planning advice. Nearer to the publishing date we will give you a little more insight into the topics covered within the book.

The book will be available from 25th April 2014 and can be pre-ordered now. Please click on the book image below for further details.

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  1. Dalia on 26th March 2014 at 10:14 pm

    Sounds great! Look forward to getting my copy! 🙂

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