Wedding Planning Guide (2)

In part 2 of our wedding planning guide we discuss how to choose your dream venue.

Step 1 – What Wedding do you want? (part 2)

Reception Venue

It may be you already know where you want your reception. Perhaps you hold romantic visions of a castle or if a country girl at heart then I’m sure the barns will draw you in. There are many factors to consider when choosing a venue. Use the tips below as your guide when selecting venues.

1. If you wish to have a civil ceremony then does the venue have a license and if so which room? What is the maximum number of guests they can accommodate in a ceremony? Most venues charge an additional fee for a ceremony on top of the registrar’s fee.

2. The cost of the reception can encounter for a large chunk of your budget so think about the venue charges. As well as welcome drinks and table wine and of course the wedding breakfast itself.

3. If no Saturday’s are free then are there reductions for mid week weddings? Thursday and Fridays are both incredibly popular days for weddings now.

4. Ask about on site accommodation for you and your guests, much easier being able to stumble back to your room after a hard days partying. Ideally there should be a variety of accommodation near by within a range of budgets. Think about arranging a shuttle service at night to get guests back safely.

5. Will the wedding take place where you currently live or where you were bought up? Think about whether you want a city location or would prefer to be surrounded by the countryside. If guests are travelling far then good access would be appreciated. Is it necessary for you to have exclusivity or would the general public wandering around add to the ambience.

6. Can the venue accommodate the number of anticipated guests comfortably? You want to have enough room around the tables for staff to serve proficiently.

7. Will your venue co-ordinator work on your wedding day? Do you have a good rapport with them and can they answer all your questions about how the day will run? Or if your venue is a marquee then seriously consider hiring a planner even if just for the day, I can help if your wedding is in East Anglia Dream Occasions or try UKAWP for planners in your area. You need someone on the day to implement all your ideas and plans. Ask whether they take on all table decorating on the day or whether you need to delegate to someone else.

8. When viewing your venue have a look round the grounds and ask what will be exclusively available for you and your guests on the day. If you anticipate a lot of children then be aware of nearby roads or ponds.

9. When viewing venues look carefully at the décor and general maintenance. A well maintained means the owners care about their venue and as such you their client.

In the next installment of the wedding planning guide we will go over your budget.

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