Wedding Planning Guide – Pt 7

Congratulations you’re engaged! You’re on glad nine, your fiancée has declared his love and asked you to become his wife, you excitedly talk about the future and your wedding day. You dream about the dress, partying with your friends and of course becoming husband and wife.

But, then the panic sets in. Just how do you plan a wedding, where should you begin? In our fortnightly series we will break down how to organise a wedding like a professional wedding planner. In our 7th instalment of our planning guide we talk about the final details.By now most details will have been finalised leaving you to concentrate on bringing all the elements together. If you have been buying items for your tables then ask to visit your venue one day when they have tables laid out and decorate one table. This gives you an idea on how far petals go and in fact why less is more, you don’t need to clutter tables to create a beautiful look.

2-6 Months

  • Book overnight accommodation for you if necessary, plus block book rooms for guests
  • Choose favours
  • Book beautician and hairdresser
  • Finalise ceremony wording
  • Choose gift list
  • Send out invitations
  • Buy the wedding rings


If you want favours for the day then start researching them now. Will you want something memorable or simple? Do you have the budget to spend on substantial favours? I always think favours that fit in with the theme are best. For example miniature jams, fans or packets of seeds work well for country themes.



Book a trial with a wedding makeup artist, be honest with them about what you like or dislike. Remember makeup needs to be heavier then usual in order to show up in the photos and last the duration of the busy day.


Can your regular hairdresser put your hair up for you or do you need to find a freelance person. Definitely book in some trials and show pictures of what you wish to recreate.


Ceremony Format

Start thinking about any readings you wish to have in the ceremony. These will need to be approved by your priest or registrar prior to the wedding so do this early in order to make any amendments and then print the order of service sheets.

Top tip – why not print the order of service on a paper fan providing dual purpose on a hot day?

Photo Credit: Harvey Collard

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