Wedding Planning Resolutions for 2017

It’s a new magical year, especially exciting if this is the year you’re getting married. If you are getting married in 2017 have you set yourself some New Year resolutions to ensure the wedding is planned and executed beautifully? If not here are my suggestions:

  • Start fantasising about your wedding. What would your dream wedding look like if money was no object? What would it feel like at that wedding? Think about where this wedding would be and what type of venue. Use one word to describe what this wedding would feel like to a guest. Ask your fiancé to do this exercise as well then compare notes. Any similarities in what you desire? What areas are non-negotiable, i.e perhaps the one word to sum up the feeling was fun and if so you’d want to spend a higher proportion of your budget on entertainment. If however, the word was elegant then money might be spent on the tablescape.

Wedding Planning Resolutions for 2017 | Dream Occasions

  • Create a realistic budget and stick to it. How much have you saved already, how much can you save, and who else might be able to contribute? Knowing how much you’re working with will help you set your priorities for spending. Don’t forget to factor in that extra 5% for contingencies or surprises over the next few months! Remember, whilst certain costs won’t change regardless of how many guests you have (venue, photographer, videographer, entertainment), there are some that will (food, drink, tablescape, stationery). For example 10 extra guests could mean 1 additional table to decorate.

Wedding Planning Resolutions for 2017 | Dream Occasions

  • Don’t try and do everything yourself, delegate some tasks to family members or friends who would love to be involved leaving you the fun tasks, you can then act as ‘project manager’ for all delegated menial tasks!
  • Consider hiring a planner to assist with your planning. With over a decade of producing timeless, elegant events, I am perfectly positioned to make your wedding relaxed, fun and effortless. Pop on over to my gallery to view some of my past events. I love my job, it’s not work to me, its passion and love. Instead of posting a polished picture of me I’ve decided to post one late at a clients wedding last year!

Wedding Planning Resolutions for 2017 | Dream Occasions

  • When you start discussing your ideal date remember you can’t please or accommodate everyone in the wedding party. Choose the date that best suits you and the majority of those dearest to you.  You might decide to hold your wedding over a bank holiday to take advantage of a 3 day weekend, just bear in mind some guests might book holidays around this time. And once you have a date start calling your preferred venues and suppliers as popular ones get booked far in advance.
  • It’s your wedding, you may find family, suppliers and venues will try to enforce their opinions on you. Listen to what they are saying but remember it is YOUR wedding, do what you think is right for you and your wedding.

Wedding Planning Resolutions for 2017 | Dream Occasions

If you’d like to help with a celebration you are planning I’d love to hear from you. email me on

Photos: Simon Carr, Touch Photography, Tim Bowden, Jasmine Jade

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  1. Shelley Bright on 24th January 2017 at 12:11 pm

    Adore how the groom is looking at his darling bride in the lead picture.

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