What Are Escort Cards?

I’m terribly enthusiastic about Escort Cards as I think you can be far more imaginative with them and really emphasis the wedding theme. I’ve been using them at my weddings since 2005 and I’m delighted at how popular they are now.

But still every time I recommend them to clients they look at me blankly as if I’ve spoken in a foreign language! Generally speaking this is because it’s a U.S trend that has been filtering into the UK. Of course leading stationers and wedding planners have been encouraging clients to use escort cards for years, but with the popularity of Pinterest and Blogs it is now more mainstream.


Definitions Explained

Escort Card (or seating card) – is as a replacement for a table plan.  In essence it is “escorting” your guest to the correct table. You display little cards (normally) with the guest name printed on it and the table name/number.

Table Plan – Normally an A2 card with each table name/number mounted within the board with the guests on each table listed.

Place Cards/Tags – the little cards or tags at each place setting telling guests which seat belongs to them. In essence it is telling guests what “place” belongs to them.


Starts Conversation Amongst Guests

One of the reasons I love escort cards, apart from complementing the theme, is they are conversation starters. It can be fun for the guest whilst searching for their name – far more exciting then statically looking at a table plan. I’ve used them displayed on pianos, attached to garlics (it was an autumn theme) attached to champagne tops, lined on trestle tables, in a giant fountain & hanging from various types of trees.


The Basics

Regardless of what style you go for there is one essential you must remember and that is to have the names alphabetically making it easier for the guests to find their name.

The table name or number can be on the reverse of if space under the guest name

Ensure the font size is large enough & easy enough for guests to read

Have an A5 tent cards saying “table plan” so even very reserved guests will be curious enough to walk over and find their name, otherwise they might not realize what it is and instead think its part of the decoration

If you have a wedding planner ask her to encourage guests to find their name or delegate this task to the ushers.


For ideas on table plans and escort cards pop on over to my Pinterest account

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  1. Christina Alvarez on 19th March 2014 at 9:43 am

    Alright. Thank you for the explanation. Didn’t know about escort card. And by the. your card are really beautiful.

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