What goes into organising a marquee wedding?

Here at Dream Occasions we have a love of marquee weddings and parties, despite the logistics involved and number of hours each marquee wedding takes to organise. In this fun post we thought we would talk through some little known statistics at you!


  • Its not unusual for us to respond to 400 emails throughout a 10 month planning process (don’t forget this is just 1 client!)
  • If organising a marquee wedding from start to finish it takes us approx. 100-150 hours to organise
  • We take on a maximum of 8 events per year due to the level of organisation and dedication we put into each event we organise
  • For each marquee wedding I am in attendance at about 20-25 meetings inc. site visits, interviewing suppliers, cake and catering tastings, stationery meetings plus of course client planning meetings
  • For the week of the marquee build I am on site at least 2 full days prior to the wedding, 15 hours the day of the wedding and 4 hours the day after normally after just a few hours sleep
  • For most of my marquee weddings I have 15-20 suppliers to manage and look after and ensuring all deliveries are in a logical manner
  • My team are the first to arrive the day of a wedding and the last to leave, invariably shutting of the generator unless I have my wonderful lighting company in attendance as he normally does this for us 😉  (thank you James!)
  • Sometimes the land my clients have is so vast the only way to get around quickly is via the client gators and we have to use walkie talkers to communicate with each other
  • My clients frequently have multiple dogs and horses and its not unusual for us to conduct meetings in the middle of a field with animals surrounding us, I’ve even had a horse nibble on my file during one such site visit with a marquee company

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