Why I love my job as a wedding planner

Going through my weddings of 2013 it was lovely to reminisce about past clients personalities and what I enjoyed most about working with them. I love reading through our initial consultation questionnaire where I ask them about their dream wedding, what is important to them? I love reflecting on the actual wedding we delivered for them and asking myself, was it everything and more that they wanted from us? From the thank you notes we receive I would concur yes we have succeeded. In short – I love my job as a wedding planner. 

At the end of the day the most important thing about a wedding is 2 people declaring their love in front of friends and family, its about becoming husband and wife (or wife & wife / husband & husband). As a wedding planner it can be easy to get carried away with the little details: worrying about colour matching, arranging photo booths, wishing trees, candy stations and sourcing unique products.  When looking through my client weddings  it reminded me why I love my job immensely. It’s the look that crosses their faces when they see each other for the first time at the ceremony that brings goose bumps to my arms, watching their expressions during the speeches and seeing how they only have eyes for each other during the first dance.

For some event planners they enter the industry because they ‘love organising’ or are ‘brimming with creativity’, for me I realise ‘I love people’, they fascinate me. I always try to concentrate on the ‘wedding’ leaving you to think about your forthcoming ‘marriage’ to each other. I get to know you as a couple and always inject your personality into the wedding, I want your guests to turn to you on the day and say wow, this wedding is just perfect for YOU. Forget what other bride and grooms do, they don’t matter, you are the one that is important.

If you would like to join the past wonderful clients of Dream Occasions in hiring us for you wedding in East Anglia, I would love to hear from you. Details of our wedding service can be seen via our website.

Photo Credit: Mark Bothwell, Kerry Morgan, Jasmine Jade

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