Why I think wedding planning is like being a conductor

After every event I send a feedback form to clients asking for their opinion on the service I provided. One thing that clients say, time and time again, is how professional my team of suppliers are.

Any supplier we recommend has been personally vetted by us and in many cases we have worked with them for years. Once a supplier has been hired we check all contracts and liaise with them throughout the planning process.

I pride myself on trying to match the right supplier and/or product to each client. But, here’s a thought, what happens if someone else hires say a few of my key suppliers for their wedding or party, will the attention to detail be the same?

In my opinion NO.

I love my suppliers, they are frankly awesome


I am nothing without them!


But I believe it is my conducting that brings the best out of everyone (especially with my marquee functions). Its not enough to have a great marquee, you have to have fabulous lighting & effects, its about using a florist that is used to the huge space of a marquee, hiring in linen that complements the theme, hiring a caterer with the right professionalism and attention to detail, hiring in furniture, table settings etc. Every single item I buy for an event or supplier I hire, is done with the overall theme in mind, nothing is left to chance. It’s not the suppliers job to think about how all the different elements will work together. A caterer won’t necessary recommend specific linen, unless requested they will bring their standard white and use their standard crockery, glassware and cutlery. My job however is to source the linen I think best suits the theme, suggest upgrading table settings when appropriate, ensuring the stationery blends with the design.

Sometimes clients of my suppliers look at events we have worked on together and ask “oh where did that furniture come from, who’s the florist, love the lighting” A part of me doesn’t want anyone else using my suppliers, I want to hold them close and growl at anyone that wants to hire them. But of course I don’t as well, that would be a bit strange.

In fact quite a few of my suppliers now work together on other events as they recommend each other (sadly not everyone wants an event planner).  But I still think the work they do for me is outstanding, simply because I match the right suppliers to the right client . I know every single element of the wedding or party and having someone in that position is what makes the difference.

What are your views? Do you agree or disagree?


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