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If you are getting married within the next 6-8 weeks then this blog post is for you. As a wedding planner the lead up is so busy with last minute organisation that I’m invariably incredibly busy. I often think how this time must be for couples organising their own wedding, dealing with last minute planning as well as element like dress fittings, beauty treatments, venue meetings etc.


My biggest tip is to try and get as much organised prior to the wedding as you can, ideally you want all the small details done and dusted no later than 2 weeks prior to the big day. Don’t under estimate how long some of these little details can take. I estimate I spent approx. 4 hours gathering items for children goody bags recently as of course I couldn’t find everything I wanted on amazon or the shops!

  1. Ensure your day stationery is sent to you 2 weeks before (where possible). Take time to sort the place cards out into envelopes for each table. This ensures whoever is putting place cards out for you can do so much quicker. The other advantage to doing this earlier is you can check for any errors, typos or missing cards. Its much easier for replacements to be sent 1-2 weeks prior, much harder if its 24 hours prior! Depending on your numbers it can take up to an hour to go through and cross reference names.
  2. Organise gift bags for the children if applicable, write out a list with their ages and think about the type of items you want to put in there. This will ensure its a much faster process than wandering aimlessly through the shops.
  3. If your wedding features chalkboards or signage you are writing then have them written in advance. I personally use chalkboard pends as I love the array of colours it comes in.
  4. If you have a basket of toiletries, flip flops, heel protects, parasols, confetti put them together all ready. Even just 20-30 mins soon adds up in terms of time.
  5. Send a schedule and contact list to all suppliers 2 weeks in advance. Ensure suppliers have a go to person on the day if you don’t have a wedding planner.
  6. Work on a small list of photos you must have on the day. Please don’t have anymore than 10 as you don’t want to spend your wedding standing there smiling. Ensure there is someone that can assist the photographer on the day
  7. Give your caterers a paper table plan showing any dietary requirements. Can be helpful to give staff an A-Z version for those guests that never look at your printed table plan on display. Have them positioned at the entrance to the wedding breakfast so they can assist guests find their tables quickly. I always have my trusted Lisa assisting guests!
  8. Check whether your suppliers need feeding and especially check your bands contract. Your caterers will not appreciate suppliers asking for food if it hasn’t been organised in advance.


Remember its your day. Listen to advice that everyone no doubt will give you, but ultimately do what is right for you as a couple. Ensure the wedding is perfect for you. Listen and respect others views – but stay true to what you really desire.


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  1. Wedding Boutique on 25th July 2017 at 10:23 am

    Great advice to avoid last minute panic and stress!

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