How to Look After Your Wedding Guests

It goes without saying that the wedding day is all about you – the two people that have pledged to spend the rest of their lives together and kick it all off with a party! But that doesn’t stop most couples worrying about their guests having a good time. So if you want to make sure the happiest day of your life is also pretty darn happy for everyone else, here are our top tips on how to really look after your wedding guests.


The wedding schedule is by far the most common barrier when it comes to ‘guest happiness’! Many guests complain about not knowing what’s happening next, when to expect food or drink, either being rushed or having way too much time between events.  Give your guests a heads up about the day’s events on a chalkboard or on printed handouts.

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And while your schedule is full with kissing cheeks, cutting cakes and taking photos, your guests are often left twiddling their thumbs. Make sure your guests have something to do to pass the time. Put on entertainment like close-up magicians, open up the trusty photo booth or even put some quizzes on tables.

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Food is also a big part of timing too. Often when couples schedule their ceremony over a meal time, usually lunch, it means guests having to go without eating for a fair few hours, and hungry guests equal bad guests. If you can’t move the time of your ceremony to later in the afternoon, make sure the canapes start circulating.

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Travel and Accommodation

If guests are travelling a long way for your wedding or plan to make a weekend of it, doing some of the legwork and suggesting a few local places to stay goes a long way, especially if some of your guests don’t know their way around. You don’t want your cousins arriving late to the ceremony because they booked a hotel 10 miles away because they didn’t realise how difficult it was to get to the church!

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Similarly, if your venues are a fair distance from each other or from civilisation itself, always make sure you’ve suggested a few cab companies or public transport routes for your guests not to get lost! Your guests will definitely appreciate the help.

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Special Touches

When it comes to decorating the venue, the last place couples often think about is sometimes the busiest place in the building – the bathroom! Fill that long-neglected room with useful bits and pieces like combs, perfume, lipstick, hand creams and other life savers! Don’t forget the little boys room too!

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Late Night Snacks

Never underestimate the calorie-burning power of dancing! Even if you’ve fed your guests a 6-course meal, they may need a top up during the evening party. Set up a snack table with some really indulgent treats like mini burgers, doughnuts, whatever you want! You’ll be needing a little pick-me-up too, no doubt!

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Breakout Areas

Let’s face it, not every guest wants to dance non-stop. Give your guests a chill-out zone where they can slump into a cosy sofa and take a well-deserved dance break. Let them get their energy back up to get them back out on the dance floor! Those pillows will be much appreciated by many.
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‘Wow’ Moments

Surprises are always great ways to look after your guests – the unexpected is always a highlight. Anything from a light show to a rap battle on the dance floor will send that ‘wow’ through the crowd!
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