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How To Get Married in the UK


It’s not hard to see the appeal of getting married in the UK, no matter what your wedding style – glamorous London hotels, rustic countryside barns, historic castles and drama coastal venues. We’ve got it all. But if you’re planning a UK wedding from abroad, it can definitely be a little more than overwhelming when…

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Shareen and Wyndham’s Wedding | UK Wedding

I’m delighted to share with you today the wedding of Shareen and Wyndham who were married in July 2016. The venue chosen for their ceremony and reception was the gorgeous Suffolk resort Wilderness Reserve. I adored working with Shareen and Wyndham who genuinely are gorgeous people, inside and out. Not surprising that their friends and…

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Tips for a winter wedding

As we head into Autumn there may be some of you preparing the final details for your winter weddings, or perhaps you’re planning a 2017 winter wedding?  There’s something about winter that screams romance. Cuddling in front of roaring fires and twinkly lights. You can see one of my previous winter weddings here. Your Decor…

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Wedding Music Tips from the Experts

I think it’s fair to say that music plays a really important role in your wedding. It sets the tone for the day, cues up emotions and gets people in the right mood for celebrating – you have to get it right! Looking at how many musical choices you have to make throughout your day…

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Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Say it with me! “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” One more time, “don’t sweat the small stuff!” It’s a great nugget of advice – but truth be told it’s much easier said than done. When you embark on your wedding planning journey, the reality of how much needs to be coordinated quickly sets in. Family,…

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How to do Wedding Signature Cocktails

I’m obsessed with signature cocktails for weddings. There I said it! What’s not to love? Custom cocktails are a great way of injecting your personalities into your wedding, but they are also a great option if you want to save a little money. Some beautifully designed signature cocktails on offer with a limited bar is…

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Planning your Disney holiday (part 3)

Planning a Disney Holiday | Dream Occasions

My Disney Experience (MDE) One of the major reasons why the planning was so smooth is that Disney has the technology to assist with your planning. The parks all have free WiFi and its pretty good, some areas of the parks will be patchy but overall I was pleased with the signal. You need to…

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Women that inspire and motivate me

Running a business isn’t easy – running 2 businesses often means I’m juggling many tasks at the same time. To me time is precious. How can I be successful both in work and pleasure? How can I be a good wedding planner, successful business woman, loving wife and encouraging Mum? This over the last 13…

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