Why You Should Consider a Holiday Proposal

We know… planning a proposal can be pretty daunting. So the idea of adding a trip abroad around it – with all the planning, logistics, passports and itineraries – might bring you out in more of a nervous sweat. But hear us out, we’re about to make our case for why holiday proposals might just be the best thing ever.

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So much of the proposal planning is about location. Popping the question in a place that means something to you both will only make the moment more special. So if there’s a particular place you both love or holds a special memory, consider heading there. Maybe go back to the spot of your first holiday together, or somewhere you know your partner has always wanted to travel to.

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There are a wealth of options available to you and not all of them have to cost the earth – you could blow the budget and head off to the Caribbean to propose while snorkelling, or you could take a road trip out to Cornwall to get down on one knee on the cliffs at sunset. The backdrop of your proposal will only heighten the magic of the moment, and makes for an even better story for your friends (and your future children!).

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A holiday is also the perfect cover for your proposal plans. Who doesn’t say yes to a holiday? Your intended isn’t likely to suspect your motives if you suggest a trip somewhere. When you’re on vacation, dinners and excursions are par for the course, giving you dozens of opportunities to ask the question to your unsuspecting partner. You couldn’t get away with that back home! The suggestion that you both nip out to dinner on a Friday night ‘just because’ is likely to raise one eyebrow.

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Holidays are meant to be relaxing, so you know you’re not going to catch your partner at the end of a tough day at work or having a BFF drama. Send them off for a massage that afternoon and treat them to some cocktails.

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Whether you end up planning a 2 day or a 10 day trip, consider when you want to pop the question. Some might prefer to get the proposal ‘out of the way’ early because of nerves or because you want to enjoy the rest of the holiday soaking it all up as a newly engaged couple. Others might want to take their time and have the proposal at the end of a wonderful time away. Consider it carefully, but also don’t feel like you have to set a specific day/time/hour either, unless you want to. That’s the beauty of proposing on holiday – every moment might be the perfect moment and you have plenty of time without interruptions!

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So whether it’s a sunset safari in Kenya or a whisky tasting tour in Scotland , just imagine that ‘just engaged’ ring photo with a gorgeous holiday destination as your backdrop! You’ll have so many brownie points, it’s crazy. That’s something you don’t want to miss out on.

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