Is it time to say RIP to the ‘vintage/DIY wedding’?

I’ve been debating whether to write this article for many months now as I’m sure there will be some backlash and no doubt I will offend many a supplier. But at the very least I’m hoping to see if the view below is just mine only!


2010-2011 has definitely been the time for ‘vintage weddings’, ‘DIY weddings’, ‘fete & festival weddings’ etc. In fact if you look in the magazines and read the blogs sometimes it feels like this is pretty much the only style wedding you see. And this is what I have a problem with. But, was it my imagination; were all the blogs and magazines really only featuring ‘vintage/DIY/Fete’ weddings? Or did I just think they were?

Rather then publishing the results I invite you to look at some of the popular blogs & magazines and count how many times you see the following:

  • Bunting
  • Hay Bales
  • Old vintage suitcases
  • Tea cups/jugs/glass jars with country flowers
  • Old typewriters/record players/cameras
  • Battered old chairs/sofas

Afternoon teacups


I wonder sometimes if the term vintage is overused? To some vintage means all the above but to others it can mean Victorian eras or the swinging 1920’s. Maybe instead of saying here is another vintage style wedding, we should start being more imaginative with the descriptions?

I think if you decide to have a ‘vintage/fete/festival’ type wedding, it should be because you LOVE it. Brides need inspiration so we can hardly blame them for going the above route if that is all they are shown.


When I was talking to a supplier (who shall remain anonymous) recently about ‘vintage’ weddings they said ‘I don’t know why they don’t just call them second hand weddings’ because really that’s what they are. And maybe that is why ‘vintage’ is popular; maybe it is nothing to do with the brides preferred style but all to do with trying to save money in these difficult times?


Two of my dear friends and colleagues run vintage hire companies and you might think that is a route I would go down with Dream Occasions Hire but you’d be wrong. I think you need to live and breathe vintage. I know this is something Kate from Vintage Style Hire  and Natalie from Fred & Rosie  do on a regular basis. They are both in heaven when discovering items for their hire companies at flea markets & boot sales.  They have a huge passion for creating the right style for their clients. I’m not so good at rummaging, never have been, clothes sales are my worse nightmare because I just can’t see through the mess ha ha!


But you have teacups in your gallery – yes you’re right, I do have touches of vintage in a couple of weddings but they were 2007 & 2008 – before vintage was mainstream. The role of an event planner and in fact any wedding specialist whether a cake maker or florist is to give your bride & grooms inspiration. You should suggest a theme that is unique to them. Come up with suggestions and ideas and I worry that isn’t happening. Maybe the fault lies with the suppliers not the blogs and magazines? After all, they can only publish the weddings that are sent to them.

Vintage teapot


So what do I want? I would like to see more variety out there. Every bride & groom is different and unique so it stands to reason the weddings should be as well. There will always be trends, those that have been in the wedding industry for many years can back this up, gosh I remember thinking a few years back ‘please no more butterflies’.

Kerry Morgan Photography

Kerry Morgan Photography

Hmmm – maybe it’s ME that has the problem, if a bride wants tea cups and suitcases who the hell am I to tell her differently? Just because I’m bored of seeing the same design in magazines and on blogs – doesn’t mean the bride is….

I’d love to hear your views, what themes do you want to see for 2012?

Credit: Kerry Morgan

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