Using Pinterest To Plan Your Celebration

When pinterest came onto the market I was delighted, finally I had a way to instantly show visualisation of a concept to clients. It was a way for me to build up a collection of images to reflect the types of events I work on. Just how had I survived without this, blogging or social media previously!

Pinterest is such a wonderful tool when you are trying to build up a design for a celebration you are organising . It can help you define what you truly want and keep track of you preferences. The downside is that it can be incredibly addictive. You could find yourself in a situation with so many pins but no clear direction of what your design will be. It is not unusual to become conflicted on what you definitely want. You may find yourself pinning images you like, but not necessarily right for this particular celebration. This is where having an event planner can help, ensuring you’re keeping on target for the chosen design!


How to use the images you have pinned

If you have found an image on pinterest its highly likely so have thousands of other people! Its important you are using it as a starting point, it should be a way for you to build your design concept. If you are pinning images from stylised shoots ensure you do so minimally. Invariably they will be top heavy with florals and décor, fine for one table but unrealistic/costly for ten tables.

I feel it should be used to help build the mood for your wedding. It shouldn’t be a “I want exactly this”. Otherwise the industry would lose creativity and uniqueness. Wedding and parties shouldn’t be cookie cutter designs.

You might find it helpful to create separate boards for different elements of your celebration i.e food and drink, lighting, cake.




What to pin and colour

When I am working with clients I create a secret board for them, on this board I pin images I think will complement the mood of their celebration. I try to pin not just images from pinterest but from all over the internet and from my own portfolio. I also pin colours so we can visualise the blends of colours I am anticipating us using. Try perfect palette  or design seeds .

I’m a believer in Pinterest building the feeling you want to convey, not so much “I want this invite”. I try to create bespoke, individual celebrations for my clients.


The Perfect Palette

Start the conversation

When creating design with clients we have secret boards (this means the public – i.e your guests cannot see the design concept until the day itself. We chat about concepts, what do they like/dislike about something I pinned for them. Having an image in front of them allows the conversation to flow more easily, so don’t just pin, write comments on each picture and what you like about it. Ideally give access to key suppliers involved in the design, florist, cake baker, stationer – this ensures everyone understands your description of a sundowners theme or classical country. If you have hired excellent suppliers they will take the feeling you are hoping to create for your celebration and turn that into something tangible for you. Suppliers should be using your vision with their creativity to create something fabulous and not “cookie cutter”.


Over time you’ll realise some images you pinned don’t fit with what you now desire. Start deleting images so your board is more in line with your chosen design.

Most of all have fun, explore and discover some fabulous ideas and concepts from around the world. You can follow us on pinterest here


Photo: Marquee wedding organised by Dream Occasions and photographed by Tracey Hosey




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  1. Mary on 22nd June 2017 at 5:32 pm

    Great advice! Pinterest is full of inspiration (and a whole lot of rabbit holes to get lost in!). From deciding what kind of wedding dress you want to the colour scheme, even to the food at the reception, Pinterest can offer some new ideas, and new perspectives to give your wedding planning some creative direction. Thanks for your insight!

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