How to plan the perfect proposal

The timing is right, you’ve bagged yourself the perfect ring, now it’s time to plan the perfect proposal. With so many different ways to pop the question, it can be overwhelming – not to mention nerve-wracking! Follow our tips for that all important question to make sure you propose like a boss!

Location, Location, Location
Putting a lot of thought into the location can have a massive pay off.  You’d be surprised by the number of would-be-brides who actually don’t want to be proposed to in a restaurant. Though traditional, it’s also a little old hat.

Consider your future-bride’s personality – is she an introvert, or an extrovert? Would a public proposal totally embarrass her or give her a thrill?

Think about places that mean a lot to you both – whether it’s your own home, where you first kissed, or your first date. Why not have your special location styled by a professional and transformed into the perfect proposal spot?

Surprise is Key
The element of surprise is everything with planning your proposal. Your intended cannot suspect a thing. If you have talked about getting engaged, or perhaps she knows something is coming, it’s even more important to go out of your way to catch her off guard.

Throw her off the scent by changing plans last minute, get her friends to arrange to go out and then show up instead – be creative so she doesn’t crack the code!

Asking for Her Hand
Here’s one tradition you should definitely still respect – asking for her hand in marriage. Getting permission from your partner’s parents, family members or someone else important, will win you serious brownie points, both with your partner and your new in-laws.

If you can, do it in person, or with a heartfelt letter, instead of over the phone. Make it an event, not a courtesy call – it will make for a wonderful story for the wedding speeches.

The Nostalgia Factor
Scour the web for ‘unique wedding proposal ideas’ and you’ll find many, but none will be as unique as one designed around you and your beloved. Personalise everything about your proposal to truly impress. Take her on a journey of your relationship history through a scavenger hunt that ends with a ring, recreate your first date or a scene from her favourite romantic movie. For a truly personal touch, why not mark her initials (or even her potential new ones!) into the ring box!

Capture It
One of the best decisions you can make for your proposal is to get it on camera – photo or video or both, it’s an amazing opportunity to capture her reaction, and to show family and friends how much hard work you put into it. Imagine being able to show your grandchildren such an important moment in their history! plan-a-proposal006

Want to get some tailor-made, amazing proposal ideas, and professional planners to execute it? Dream Occasions offers a fantastic proposal planning service where we will work with you to design the perfect moment for you to pop the question. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you make their answer a very easy ‘yes’.

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